The Art of The Evil Within - Shinji Mikami

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The Art of The Evil Within - Shinji Mikami

The Art of The Evil Within is a comprehensive look at the twisted new survival horror game by the legendary Shinji Mikami—creator of Resident Evil! Go behind the scenes and witness never-before-seen concept art as this unique art book takes you on a terrifying ride showcasing what went into making this horrific thriller—can you survive your greatest fears and make it out alive? * Shinji Mikami’s new game explored with never-before-seen content! * Tango Gameworks joins forces with Bethesda to create a new generation of horror in The Evil Within! * One of the most anticipated video games of 2014 by one of the industry’s legends! źródło opisu: źródło okładki:

język angielski
liczba stron 184
słowa kluczowe horror, gra, the evil within, gra wideo
data wydania 14 października 2014
kategoria horror
tytuł oryginału The Art of The Evil Within
ISBN 9781616555702
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