Hemingway - Kenneth S. Lynn

Hemingway - Kenneth S. Lynn

Ernest Hemingway was a mythic figure of overt masculinity and vibrant literary genius. He lived life on an epic scale, presenting to the world a character as compelling as the fiction he created. But behind it all lurked an insecure, troubled man. Now, in this immensely powerful and revealing study, Kenneth S. Lynn penetrates the Hemingway persona and explores the many tragic facets that both nurtured his work and eroded his life. źródło opisu: abebooks.com źródło okładki: abebooks.co.uk

ISBN 0449903087
kategoria biografia/autobiografia/pamiętnik
data wydania 5 grudnia 1988
język angielski
liczba stron 740
słowa kluczowe Hemingway, Papa, macho, masculinity, manliness, biography, Africa, Lost Generation, Nick Adams, biografia, literatura amerykańska, Afryka
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