Extraction - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Extraction - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

In New Orleans' French Quarter, the Tooth Fairy isn't a benevolent sprite who slips money under your pillow at night....he's a mysterious old recluse who must be appeased with teeth--lest he extract retribution. When young Diogenes Pendergast loses a tooth, however, his skeptical older brother Aloysius is determined to put the legend to the test...with dire consequences. Opowiadanie dołączone do książki White Fire. źródło opisu: http://www.prestonchild.com/books/extraction/ źródło okładki: http://www.prestonchild.com/books/extraction/

data wydania 2012 (data przybliżona)
ISBN 9781455528080
słowa kluczowe pendergast, diogenes
kategoria thriller/sensacja/kryminał
tytuł oryginału Extraction
język angielski
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